Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Provincial Electricity Authority of PEA welcomes you to our website, www.pea.co.th, which is set up to provide information about PEA to interested persons. You may use this website under the following terms and conditions; therefore, please read the terms and conditions in detail before using our service. It is deemed that by using our service you agree to comply with the stated terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, please terminate your visit and use of this website immediately.

1. Terms of Service
PEA is providing this website as a public service to facilitate information search by interested persons, using the website as a source of information about PEA. The information provided here are general knowledge or news and information from government agencies. PEA provides general permission for the use, download or copy of this information, which must be performed in accordance with the website’s general terms of service. PEA reserves the right to terminate dissemination of, modify, change, cancel or revise information at any time without prior notice.

2. Intellectual Property Rights
PEA holds copyrights or other intellectual property rights over the content provided on this website, covering messages, articles, pictures, videos, sounds, graphics or computer programs (referred to holistically as “content”) except when otherwise clearly specified. PEA holds the right or authority to control the use of such content and to prohibit the copy, modification, storage, transfer or imitation of content for dissemination to the public; and the right to prohibit other copyright or intellectual property rights infringement actions without prior written consent from PEA. Such prohibition excludes the use, printing or download of website content for personal use purposes. In such cases, the user must not delete copyright or intellectual property rights messages from that content.

3. Reservations
Information provided on this website comes from a variety of sources and is presented in the state in which it is received from those reliable sources. However, PEA cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness for use in commercial or other purposes. The user must rely on his/her own discretion and must be aware that the articles, suggestions or opinions presented on this website belong to their providers. PEA does not necessarily have to agree with or accept these articles, suggestions or opinions, except when clearly stated otherwise.

4. Policy on Personal Information Protection
For detailed information on privacy policy, kindly study the details of our Data Privacy Protection Policy.

5. Website Links
Linking to other websites: Links to other websites are provided merely to assist users. PEA has no involvement or control power over these websites, nor can it certify the accuracy, reliability or take responsibility for content presented on those websites. PEA is not responsible for the contents of other websites linking to PEA’s website or for damages incurred from visiting those websites through PEA’s website.
Linking to PEA’s website from other websites: Users may link to the first page of our website by sending us a written request, but if they wish to link to a page inside our website, they must first receive written consent from PEA. In giving such consent, PEA reserves the right to set any condition for other websites linking to our website. PEA will not be responsible for any content shown on websites linking to PEA’s website or for any damage caused by using those websites.

6. Right to Access
PEA reserves the right to make improvements or changes to the website or its contents at any time, including the right to deny or limit access to the website for any person or any IP address without having to notify or provide reason for its action.

7. Exemption of Liability
PEA will take no responsibility for damage or loss, or for expenses incurred either directly or indirectly from users’ access to this website or websites linked to this website. Neither will it take responsibility for cases of loss, damage or expenses resulting from usage errors, mistakes, omissions, interruptions, faults, incompleteness or computer viruses even when it has been informed about the possibility of such damage, loss or expense. Furthermore, PEA is not liable to any website or person for any claims made on the website or for any content, including any decision or action occurring from users’ credence of the content regardless of whether the damage is caused directly or indirectly; or for other possible damages. Users accept and are well aware that PEA will not be held accountable for any user action.

8. Compensation for Damages
If damage is done to PEA as a result of court cases, enforcements of rights of claim, compensation for liabilities or any other expense (including lawyers’ fees) occurring as a result of using its website, the user agrees to compensate PEA for all damages regardless of whether the damage is the result of the user not complying with the conditions of service or not.

9. Reservation of Rights in Operating the Website
PEA reserves the right to make changes or terminate access to its website at any time without having to notify users and with no liability to users or outside persons. If any change is made to the website, it is deemed that users accept such changes. PEA can deny the right to use its website, in entirety or in part, to any person without having to provide prior notification.