Road to PEA Digital Utility

Road to PEA Digital Utility
Mr.Sompong Preeprem , the 14th Provincial Electricity Authority Governor has unveiled the PEA Strategies and policies to transform the organisation into PEA Digital Utility.

Mr.Sompong Preeprem , the 14th Provincial Electricity Authority Governor has unveiled the PEA Strategies and policies to transform the organisation into PEA Digital Utility. Management and Organisation Development Guidelines are carrying out under the KEEN14 Policy, namely : “Keep Improving Existing Business, Enhance New Business, Employ Innovation and Technology, and Nourish Human Resource”. The key components of the policy are comprised of 14 strategic practices covering essential operations in each department, including organisation and grid system development, new business development, innovation and digital technology, human resource development under Good Corporate Governance, and sustainability build to fulfil customers’ and market requirements, ready to move towards the Digital Utility era.   

Keep Improving Existing Business

Follow the organization strategy and the existing policy for the continuity of implementation by developing the power system and the organization in order to help strengthen the main business of the organization and create sustainable growth for the organization. The strategy aims to raise power system standard and improve power system for its stability, safety and availability for all service areas, improve operation and service process for customer satisfaction and engagement and to build customer loyalty by focusing on excellent, standardized, and customer-centric services including enhancing enterprise performance and conduct the business under good corporate governance with accountability and transparency.

Enhance New Business

Accelerate business development related to core mission, expand the scope of operation to high potential and high growth businesses by self-investment or co¬-investing with business partners through the PEA’s affiliate ; expand the investment in the upstream and power generation business, expand business to abroad, and seek new business opportunities and partners, including the preparation to support disruptive technology , develop businesses based on PEA expertise such as the construction, maintenance of power systems, establish new businesses based on the internal usages, within the organization to outside (inside-out business) for example, Electric Vehicles (EV) business, promote PEA standard and PEA product to be recognized in the region including expanding PEA scope of business to behind the meter services in order to provide total energy solutions for customer by utilizing Smart Grid and communication systems of PEA;  develop digital platforms to provide convenient, speedy, and modern service as well as easy access.

Employ Innovation and Technology

Develop innovative process by applying innovation and technology in order to enhance operational efficiency and create new business; employ digital data and technology for cost reduction and new revenue increasing ; maximize utilization of the existing assets using Asset Management System ; initiate new business processes to optimize organization and projects management, integrate various types of data source such as databases, metering and sensor data into big data, then analyze all data in depth by using Data Analytic and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to apply Blockchain technologies into PEA operation such as the PEA Energy Trading Platform, accelerate the development of asset management system of power system equipment to maximize utilization of the equipment, apply Condition Based Maintenance system, develop the work procedures by using innovation, initiate Smart Patrol system.  

Nourish Human Resource

Develop system and mechanism to maximize potential of employees for the benefits of the organization, develop hard skills and soft skills, encourage creativity and innovation in the organization systematically and support work operation of the organization for higher productivity ; create human resource development system to enhance employees’ capability to be ready for changes and support new businesses, create working environment to form a happy workplace with creativity ambient , restructure the corporate to become a high-performance organization, transform the Corporate Social Responsibility activity into a Creating Shared Value (CSV) by changing business models to create shared value to all stakeholder, focusing on adaptation to be a sustainable business.

The PEA Governor concluded that as PEA moves into its 59th year it is opening a new chapter of challenges associated with changes in technology and government policy that cause significant impact in the electricity industry structure. PEA is committed to adopting these changes by evolving into an electricity business aiming to be excellent in the Electrical Energy Business , meet the expectations of the customers and contribute values to the society and environment by using digital technology , in order to take PEA along the road to becoming “PEA Digital Utility”.

  • 14 February 2019
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