PEA celebrates its 58th anniversary with renewed commitment to a fully energy-enabled future

PEA celebrates its 58th anniversary with renewed commitment to a fully energy-enabled future

Mr.Sermsakool Klaikaew, Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), led a press conference announcing the 58th anniversary (28 September 2018) of the PEA. Since 1960, the PEA has been a dynamic state-owned enterprise propelling the country to a brighter future.

Moving into its 59th year, PEA announced its vision to become a "Digital Utility" state-owned enterprise providing 19.13 million customers with excellent products and services and aiming to adapt the organisation to the increasingly dominant digital trend.

The demand for electricity is rising in parallel with the country's economic growth. This saw the maximum power demand total 19,475 megawatts.

It was also revealed that the PEA received 7 State-Owned Enterprise Excellent Awards 2018, as follows:

1. Best State Enterprise 2018 Award

2. Outstanding Corporate Leadership Award

3. Outstanding Transparency Information Award

4. Outstanding Social and Environment Responsiveness Award "Sustainable Energy Management Programme" (Khun Pae Community)

5. Outstanding Collaboration for Deverlopment Award: Strategic Collaboration for Development (Honorary Award) for "National Energy Trading Platform: NETP research and development programme"

6. Outstanding Innovation Award: Innovation Consolation Prize

- "Lock man" equipment for PEA project construction support and maintenance to enhance speed and efficiency in electricity generation expansion.

7. Outstanding Innovation Award: Creativity Consolation

- "PEA Solar Hero Application", one-stop service digital platform application enabling the public to request safe, convenient, value-for-money, and sustainable solar rooftop installation. The app promotes self-electricity generation from clean energy for household usage, industry, government agencies, and business sectors.

Following PEA 4.0 policy, PEA commits to becoming a Digital Utility enterprise by the end of 2023 and becoming one of ASEAN's leading state-owned enterprise by 2027. The strategic plan involves innovative, technology-led implementation to increase operational proficiency, coupled with new business expansion, by providing better services in line with "Electric Utility of the Future" goals.

Main cultivating operational areas include: Human Capital, Service Excellence, Grid Modernization, Asset Management, Innovation, ICT, and Business Investment.

In moving forward to sustain customer satisfaction in an environment of ever-changing electricity consumption, PEA invests to provide digital platforms to support Big Data, Internet of Things, Smart Grid, and diverse real-time digital applications for public benefit, aims to increase business expansion capacity with digital integration.

While its vision soars, PEA maintains its integrity as a socially-responsible enterprise and will continue to implement several worthwhile programmes to develop areas deprived of electricity.

PEA also launched several CSR projects in order to support society, community and environment such as

1. One Tambon One Electricity Technician Campaign: Providing training for locals in the community that raise electricity installation standards and safety levels.

2. PEA LED Campaign: installing LED bulbs at 23 cultural sites, including Buddhist temples, Muslim mosques, and public parks.

PEA is a proud state-owned enterprise that takes responsibility to fulfil government policies by contributing electricity supply, particularly in times of crisis. PEA's involvement in community outreach included the recent rescue of young football players from a cave in Chiang Rai and providing electricity to power freezers preserving shipwreck victims in Phuket.

Announcing the Electric Utility of the Future roadmap for the next ten years, the PEA confirmed that it is committed to implementing continual corporate development plans and adjusting its corporate strategy in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy to achieve economic growth and customer satisfaction continuously going forward.

  • 14 February 2019
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