PEA wins 7 SOE Awards 2018

PEA wins 7 SOE Awards 2018

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is proud to announce it has won seven Outstanding State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Awards for 2018.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha recently presided over this year's annual State-Owned Enterprise awards ceremony at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, CentralWorld. The Provincial Electricity Authority won 7 awards in 6 categories. The awards, presented to Chairman of the PEA Board of Directors, Governor, and executives by the Prime Minister, are as follows:

1. Best State Enterprise 2018 Award: Mr.Chayabol Thitisak , Chairman of PEA Board of Directors accepted the award.

The PEA is a state-owned enterprise which has consistently earned high overall evaluation scores, and was also in the running for the Outstanding State-Owned Enterprise Committees and Outstanding Organisational Management awards. The criteria for passing the evaluation covers several areas, including risk management, internal control, internal auditing, information management, and human resources management.

2. Outstanding Corporate Leadership Award: Mr.Sermsakool Klaikaew, PEA Governor accepted the award.

This award reflects the organisation's broad vision and sound policy management, and supervision that produced consistently profitable operations.

3. Outstanding Transparency Information Award: (2nd consecutive year of award): Mr.Surasak Trithan, PEA Deputy Governor (Human Resource) accepted the award.

The PEA management conducts its operations with transparency, fairness, and good governance. The organisation readily discloses information in its Annual Report, Sustainability Report and on its website. Additionally, the PEA Information Service Centre won the Outstanding Official Information Centre award, having been recognised as a role model for official information centres under the Ministry of Interior.

As a result of implementing its Transparency Policy under which its management operates, the PEA scored a very high 94.39 on the Integrity & Transparency Assessment (ITA). It also ranked 4th out of all competing stated-owned enterprises and 1st in the energy group.

4. Outstanding Social and Environment Responsiveness Award: (2nd consecutive year of award) "Energy Management for Sustainable Development project at Khun Pae Village": Mr.Somphob Tengthabthim , PEA Deputy Governor (Corporate Social Responsibility) accepted the award.

The PEA implemented an organisation-wide social and environmental responsibility policy in 2011. The organisation places a high priority on sustainability and social and environmental responsibility in compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 26000 criteria. The PEA plans to strengthen cooperation among communities and its partners in order to enhance quality of life. The plan focuses on fostering cooperation among people affected by problems, while also considering community needs as well as the PEA's particular abilities. The project is closely monitored to ensure it is run efficiently and produces optimal results.


5. Outstanding Collaboration for Development Award 
· Strategic Collaboration : Collaboration for Deverlopment (Honorary Award):
 Mr.Sompong Preeprem , PEA Deputy Governor (Planning and Power System Development) accepted the award.

-  The Metropolitan Electricity Authority PEA), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) have worked in co-operation in accordance with the government's strategic Industrial 4.0 digital initiative to facilitate future changes in the energy generating industry. The three organisations have studied the guidelines for the digital transformation of the electricity industry in order to prepare for Distributed Generation, as well as those relating to platform development (electricity trading system) and real-time calculation of electricity rates. Additionally, they have proposed changes to relevant laws and regulations to ensure a fair and effective electricity trading system.

6. Outstanding Innovation Award: Creativity Consolation "PEA Solar Hero Application" The application which serves the One Stop Service digital platform aimed at making service more convenient for customers by helping ensure that Solar Rooftop installation is carried out in a safe, convenient, and sustainable way. It also encourages the generation of "clean" electricity in households, industrial plants, state organisations, and business groups, in order to create a coordinated private energy-generation force.

7. Outstanding Innovation Award: Innovation Consolation Prize "Lock man" is a tool which supports construction and maintenance of PEA electricity systems. It helps expand the distribution system faster and more effective to end-users.

The State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) organises the annual SEO Awards to encourage state-owned enterprises to participate in the country's ongoing development. The PEA was selected based on outstanding performance in each respective category. Thus the awards encourages PEA executives and officers to operate with ever-more efficiency and effectiveness in order to attain the customer's satisfaction on products and services through PEA's continual corporate development plan with the recognition of social and environmental responsibility.

  • 14 February 2019
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